Reality and Reason are now Microaggressions

One basic principle of science and reason is that correlation doesn’t prove causation. For example, someone points out that females are under represented as mathematicians. Then you can count on some Social Justice Warrior (SJW) self righteously claiming this demonstrates “systemic bias” against females in the field of mathematics.

Reacting to a microaggression
Mental reaction to a microaggression

Nope that doesn’t prove any such thing. It could be true but it is not necessarily true. The reason may be that females are simply less interested in math for a number of reasons.

But whoa, that is a microaggression to challenge this Social Justice Warrior’s narrative! You might hurt someone’s feelings by pointing out the basic fact that correlation does not prove causation. There are a lot of potential factors that do not involve some sort of evil bias – see Why Men are better than Women at Math for one.

The truth seems to be that a lot of things like this are a lot more complicated and not easily summarized in simplistic claims like “systemic bias.” Explanations could be due to genetic inheritance (nature) but could also be due to social conditioning (nurture), or something in between. Sometimes we just don’t know for certain.

Unfortunately though most SJWs seem to want to explain just about anything they perceive as bias or injustice as stemming from old, white males of European descent! Not only that, they often want to condemn anyone trying to find plausible alternative explanations to their fatuous assertions.

Old, and great white men on Mount Rushmore (can you name them all?)

How about the assertion that very high unemployment rates among young black men in the inner cities is due to “systemic racism”? Certainly statistics back up that a lot of people in this category of Americans are not holding down traditional jobs and are disproportionately represented in crime statistics – see The Problem of Race Relations or Do black Americans commit more crime?


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