Put Away Your Privilege

You can't end racism until EVERYONE stops being a racist.

You can’t end racism until both sides stop being racist.

Replied to this guy’s (below) WordPress post this morning:

Pizza Delivery, iPhone Recovery; or, Race & Privilege in America

My reply went like this:

There are alternative explanations [to white privilege] that make a fair amount sense to me. Put away your privilege. It is an illusion to excuse people who don’t try.

For over a quarter century blacks have committed over 50% of all homicides in the U.S. where the race of the offender was known (FBI). Over 40% of cop killers are black. Blacks are way over represented in violent crime statistics of all kinds.

Police have valid reasons to be more wary blacks. As a matter of fact a recent study in Philadelphia found that a black police officer was more likely to shoot at a black suspect than a white police officer (the black officer is probably less afraid of being accused of racism is the likely explanation).

Some American inner cities have homicide rates comparable to some of the most violent third world countries in the world. Same for violent crime. It is not white police officers that are killing the vast majority of young black men. It is other young black men doing the killing.

But TV and the media focus on just about every time a black is killed by police (and largely ignore the much larger number of white men killed by police). So since we are bombarded with every single incident people naturally come to the belief there is some kind of war on blacks by police. But it is largely an illusion created by hysteria and the media, not real world statistics.

A black kid in an inner city tries to do good in school and he is attacked by other black kids as acting “white.” He gives up and joins the gang. It wasn’t white privilege that kept him down. It was black racism.

50 years or more ago white racism was the problem. Today the largest problem is black racism. Not sure why I bothered writing this? You probably don’t have the guts to approve it.

It seems to me that the whole “white privilege” thing is an invented meme to shut up people with inconvenient facts. It is also a meme to hide the incredible amount of black racism in America today.

White people need to put away the idea that “white privilege” is the real explanation. If you are white you aren’t helping anyone by believing lies. Black LIES matter too.



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