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Universal Background Checks

Much has been said recently about the desirability of having background checks before people can buy a firearm, either through a licensed dealer or from a private individual. Reasonable people do have valid concerns about firearms falling into the hands … Continue reading

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Inside the Zimmerman Trial

Almost everyone in America was aware of the Zimmerman trial that ended in a not guilty verdict in Florida recently. Some may have only been peripherally aware and others may have followed it closely. Now I would like to give … Continue reading

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Replying to a post “Why you must take the plunge to talk about race and skin color“: “And if indeed you are taught that racism is learned, you’d think it would make sense don’t talk about race or skin color, … Continue reading

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The Well Regulated Militia

Got into a short discussion with WordPress blogger and writer Rawclyde! the other day and as usual the subject of the 2nd Amendment came up. He commented: “I would like to dig into the history where the making of the famous ‘militia’ … Continue reading

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