The End Of An Error


Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said President Barack Obama’s departure from the White House is “the end of an error.” Let us hope that it is not the beginning of another. I can’t say that I particularly like soon to be President Trump, but it looks like he is bringing some pretty good people with him to Washington. Let’s hope so. Pray for America today.

p.s. 1/21/2017 – Looks like President Trump is off to a good start signing an executive order to curb some of the abuses of “The Affordable Care Act,” and hordes of the Lunatic Left are parading around and opening their mouthes to prove what totally absurd fools many of them are.  Some examples:

Madonna at the Women’s March on Washington said she’s been thinking about “blowing up the White House. “[ Where is the Secret Service? Shouldn’t they be giving here a thorough interrogation? ]

Wonder Madonna ever honored her promise to give Clinton voters a blow job?

Or Ashley Judd at the same event using every “bad word” she can think of to demean President Trump:

A truly nasty person

A truly nasty person

“I am not as nasty as racism, fraud, conflict of interest, homophobia, sexual assault, transphobia, white supremacy, misogyny, ignorance, white privilege. I’m not as nasty as using little girls like Pokemon before their bodies have even developed. I am not as nasty as your own daughter being your favorite sex symbol, like your wet dreams infused with your own genes. But, yeah, I’m a nasty woman, a loud, vulgar proud woman.”

She got one thing absolutely right. She is a nasty, nasty woman. Ugly is as ugly does, and she does ugly and nasty really well. She claims to have pride, but it is a false pride if it comes from demeaning other people in a hateful and spiteful rant.

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Does Black Success Matter?


Another really great article by Thomas Sowell here:

Does Black Success Matter?


“Black success is a threat to political empires and to a whole social vision behind those empires. That social vision has politicians like Bill de Blasio and Hillary Clinton cast in the role of rescuers and protectors of blacks from enemies threatening on all sides. If politicians can promote paranoia, that means bigger voter turnout, which is what really matters to them.”

Right on!


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The Danger of the “Black Lives Matter” Movement


It is like a breathe of fresh air today to read an objective analysis of something so racially polarizing as the Black Live Matter movement. Here is a good example of that on the Hillsdale College site:

The Danger of the “Black Lives Matter” Movement, by Heather Mac Donald Author, The War on Cops

Some quotes:

 “The astronomical black death-by-homicide rate is a function of the black crime rate.”

“Every year, approximately 6,000 blacks are murdered. This is a number greater than white and Hispanic homicide victims combined, even though blacks are only 13 percent of the national population. Blacks are killed at six times the rate of whites and Hispanics combined. In Los Angeles, blacks between the ages of 20 and 24 die at a rate 20 to 30 times the national mean. Who is killing them? Not the police, and not white civilians, but other blacks. The astronomical black death-by-homicide rate is a function of the black crime rate. Black males between the ages of 14 and 17 commit homicide at ten times the rate of white and Hispanic male teens combined. Blacks of all ages commit homicide at eight times the rate of whites and Hispanics combined, and at eleven times the rate of whites alone. The police could end all lethal uses of force tomorrow and it would have at most a trivial effect on the black deathby-homicide rate.”

“Black males between the ages of 14 and 17 commit homicide at ten times the rate of white and Hispanic male teens combined.”

“The black violent crime rate would actually predict that more than 26 percent of police victims would be black. Officer use of force will occur where the police interact most often with violent criminals, armed suspects, and those resisting arrest, and that is in black neighborhoods. In America’s 75 largest counties in 2009, for example, blacks constituted 62 percent of all robbery defendants, 57 percent of all murder defendants, 45 percent of all assault defendants—but only 15 percent of the population.”

You can click on this link to read the complete article. It is well worth your time.

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White Privilege (Is An Illusion)


Interesting week so far. Been called a racist a couple times, reminded of my “white privilege,” and described as “callous” – all by a guy with a blog called “PATRICK THOMAS HENRY” (PTH).

I have heard this meme of “white privilege” before and for the most part consider it irrelevant. How about “rich privilege” or “Kennedy privilege“? I wasn’t born into a family with tons of money but I didn’t spend a lot of time setting around hating those who did. This is America where if you are talented and ambitious enough you can get ahead (at least that was true enough when I was growing up though seems politicians are working overtime to make that less possible, for everyone; black, white, or yellow).

PTH gave me a link to an article from an academic supposedly I guess to explain with 50 examples of how I should feed bad about all my privileges. This one was pretty good:

49. My children are given texts and classes which implicitly support our kind of family unit and do not turn them against my choice of domestic partnership.

So let’s unpack this a bit. Presumably the “domestic partnership” not supported here is an unmarried black women with children – perhaps with different fathers – where the “partnership” is the current man living with her? I remember back in the 1960s when the black kids started coming to our school. That is when I learned the word “motherfucker” from them.

So it is privilege to have texts that show a nuclear family with a father and mother and their children instead of a woman and her current motherfucker? Maybe black culture would like to have an alternate holiday to “Father’s Day”? Call it “Motherfucker’s Day“?

If you read black authors like Thomas Sowell you will see that the social programs of the last half century or so have largely destroyed the black family. Back in the 1950s slightly less black children were born out of wedlock than white children according to Sowell’s research. That sure has changed a lot. The MF word is a very expressive symbol of what happened in black culture.

44. I can easily find academic courses and institutions which give attention only to people of my race.

Seriously? Don’t we have a black President who most likely got a lot of attention. I guess someone never heard of Affirmative Action or Critical Race Theory college classes?

6. I can turn on the television or open to the front page of the paper and see people of my race widely represented.

Sure. Never heard of Will Smith or seen “Independence Day“? Black actors are all over television and movies. Enough.

Here is what real privilege is. Real privilege is when the law of a country says A can do this and B cannot. I saw that with my own eyes. I can remember signs in a train station in Missouri that said “Blacks Only” over one water fountain and “Whites Only” over the other.

That doesn’t exist today in America. It did when I was born. Any black who will resist taunts and attacks of other blacks (for acting “white”) and get some education, dress without their pants falling down to show off their underwear, and will learn basic English can get a job, and often not too bad a one. Companies and institutions have quotas to fill to guarantee “diversity.”

The greatest obstacle to many blacks in advancing in this society is their virulent racism and hatred of non-blacks (Whites, Jews, Koreans, etc.) and the illusion that it is white racism that is holding them back.

Slavery and Jim Crow were then, but now is now and things have changed enormously in the meantime. Kids think black is cool today. You have white kids wanting to be and sometimes pretending to be black.

The only thing really holding blacks back today are other blacks and Democrats (Read Black Votes Matter).





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Black Votes Matter

Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell (/sl/; born June 30, 1930) is an American economistsocial theoristpolitical philosopher, and author.

He is currently Senior Fellow at the Hoover InstitutionStanford University. Sowell was born in North Carolina, but grew up in HarlemNew York. He dropped out of high school and served in the United States Marine Corps during the Korean War. He received a bachelor’s degree, graduating magna cum laude[3] from Harvard University in 1958 and a master’s degree from Columbia University in 1959. In 1968, he earned his Doctorate in Economics from the University of Chicago.


Great article today by Thomas Sowell called “Black Votes Matter.”


Black votes matter to many politicians — more so than black lives. That is why such politicians must try to keep black voters fearful, angry and resentful. Racial harmony would be a political disaster for such politicians.

Racial polarization makes both the black population and the white population worse off, but it makes politicians who depend on black votes better off.

Obama has repeatedly put the weight and prestige of the presidency on the side of those who denounce the police before any facts are verified — and even after facts have come out, exposing the fraudulence of such claims as the claim that the “gentle giant” Michael Brown said, “Hands up, don’t shoot.”

One of the key questions this election year is whether black lives matter more than black votes that can be won by racial charades that undermine and endanger those lives. The answer to that question will affect all Americans, because racial turmoil is to no one’s interest, except some politicians and race hustlers.

Black Votes Matter, Thomas Sowell

Great article. You should click on the link above and read it.

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Put Away Your Privilege

You can't end racism until EVERYONE stops being a racist.

You can’t end racism until both sides stop being racist.

Replied to this guy’s (below) WordPress post this morning:

Pizza Delivery, iPhone Recovery; or, Race & Privilege in America

My reply went like this:

There are alternative explanations [to white privilege] that make a fair amount sense to me. Put away your privilege. It is an illusion to excuse people who don’t try.

For over a quarter century blacks have committed over 50% of all homicides in the U.S. where the race of the offender was known (FBI). Over 40% of cop killers are black. Blacks are way over represented in violent crime statistics of all kinds.

Police have valid reasons to be more wary blacks. As a matter of fact a recent study in Philadelphia found that a black police officer was more likely to shoot at a black suspect than a white police officer (the black officer is probably less afraid of being accused of racism is the likely explanation).

Some American inner cities have homicide rates comparable to some of the most violent third world countries in the world. Same for violent crime. It is not white police officers that are killing the vast majority of young black men. It is other young black men doing the killing.

But TV and the media focus on just about every time a black is killed by police (and largely ignore the much larger number of white men killed by police). So since we are bombarded with every single incident people naturally come to the belief there is some kind of war on blacks by police. But it is largely an illusion created by hysteria and the media, not real world statistics.

A black kid in an inner city tries to do good in school and he is attacked by other black kids as acting “white.” He gives up and joins the gang. It wasn’t white privilege that kept him down. It was black racism.

50 years or more ago white racism was the problem. Today the largest problem is black racism. Not sure why I bothered writing this? You probably don’t have the guts to approve it.

It seems to me that the whole “white privilege” thing is an invented meme to shut up people with inconvenient facts. It is also a meme to hide the incredible amount of black racism in America today.

White people need to put away the idea that “white privilege” is the real explanation. If you are white you aren’t helping anyone by believing lies. Black LIES matter too.



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If Black Lives Matter, Vote Republican


Good article on WorldNetDaily:


Exclusive: Joseph Farah exposes Democrat plot for ‘new plantation’ of African-Americans

If black lives matter – and they surely do – the logical, rational, historical and practical course of action in 2016 is to vote Republican.

That may seem puzzling and counterintuitive, since Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton seem so closely aligned with the Black Lives Matter movement that blames police for systematically targeting minorities for abuse, discrimination and even murder.

But is there more to the story?

Indeed, there is.

Read the whole story on WND.



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